Steel Security Doors

  • Measured on site to make to specification.

  • Heavy Duty steel construction compliments the type off lock we use in the door.

  • Electroplated, or nickel Plated

  • Zinc undercoated

  • Powder coated

  • Security Hinges

  • Best quality security door lock as per Australian standard

  • Locks Austral Ultimate, Austral Elegance, Australian Made, and Lockwood 8654

  • 5-or 6-pin cylinders

  • Mesh is material Choice


Additional special features we can offer

  • Strengthening steel frame installed to brick or concrete or the existing Timber door jamb giving extra strength.
  • Electronic digital lock, or Standard Digital Lock
  • Dormakaba Mortice lock with a lot of different functions
  • Lockwood 3772 Primary Lock
  • Lockwood or Dormakaba Short back set Locks Including Euro Mortice lock.
  • Double locking Euro Mortice lock with separate Latch and Deadbolt.
  • Gainsborough Tri lock
  • Different types of handles including commercial types with escape, entrance,
  • Classroom and Storeroom functions.
  • Handle finishes include Satin Chrome, Bright Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Black,
  • Antique Copper.


Extra Options we can offer

  • Registered, Restricted security Keying Systems
  • Different colour Keys If ALC - MMPL-restricted System is used
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Custom, Architect Designs
  • Keying alike to different types off locks

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